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Chiropractic is a regulated, hands-on healthcare discipline that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems.

Chiropractic offers a complementary and alternative therapy to the use of drugs or surgery. Treatment involves manual or instrument-assisted therapies to manipulate the spine and extremities. Many chiropractors also provide myofascial release (soft tissue therapy), electrical and laser therapies, nutritional, lifestyle, and exercise rehabilitation recommendations.

Some chiropractors are also trained to provide Active Release Techniques (ART), Fascial Abrasion Techniques or Graston, acupuncture, dispense orthotics or compression socks, or apply kinesiology tape.



From newborns to the elderly, most people and animals can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Whether you are suffering from pain; have an injury; are pregnant; or just looking for lifestyle advice to maintain your general health and well-being, we can help.

A chiropractor can identify the areas that are not functioning optimally and provide treatment and advice to help you perform your job, sport or daily activities to your best potential.

Each patient is unique and as such, no one treatment plan is the same.

Some of the treatments that we offer include chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations for the spine and extremities, functional integrated medical acupuncture along with soft tissue therapies such as active release techniques (ART) or fascial abrasion technique (FAT), exercise rehabilitation, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. We may also provide interferential current, laser, kinesiology taping, custom-made orthotics, custom bracing or compression stockings as needed.

An adjustment is a highly skilled and precise movement applied to a joint that is restricted, or not moving in its normal, physiological range of motion.

An adjustment loosens the joint to allow it to move normally again. Sometimes you hear a popping or “cracking” sound. This is simply a gas bubble escaping as the joint moves. An adjustment can have an excellent effect on muscle relaxation and restoring range of motion.

No; chiropractors are “primary contact” health care providers who are trained to accurately diagnose your condition and determine a treatment plan. However, some insurance companies do require a referral from a family doctor for chiropractic treatment or custom-made orthotics.

We ask that you fill out all of the emailed forms about your medical history and current concerns before your first appointment or plan to arrive about 10 minutes early to complete them at the office.

Your chiropractor will then do a comprehensive assessment and ask you about your current condition, as well as your personal and medical history. It is important that we get to know you as a whole person so that we can work towards your personal goals.

We will then do a physical examination to arrive at a diagnosis, after which we will give you a report of findings, discussing what was found and our recommendations for the best treatment plan.

Once we have decided on what treatment you are comfortable with and we have your consent, we will begin the treatment session.

Chiropractic is covered by most private health insurance providers, but is not currently part of OHIP coverage. Please note that your insurance provider may not cover the full cost of your visit. Please check with your provider to see what coverage you have for each individual in your family (per visit/per year). A statement will be provided for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement or for tax purposes.

X-rays can sometimes be an important part of making a diagnosis, but they are not usually necessary. Most conditions can be accurately diagnosed without any further imaging. If it is determined that you need X-rays, we will refer you to your medical doctor for a prescription. If you would prefer to pay for X-rays privately, we will refer you to a private imaging clinic. Chiropractors are trained to take and interpret x-rays but not every chiropractor chooses to do so in their office.

Absolutely not! Your chiropractor will discuss a treatment plan with you to address your primary concern and depending on how quickly you respond to care, will modify that plan with you as needed.

Many people find that regular chiropractic care allows them to function at their best, pain-free. It is important to understand that taking care of your health and your body is like maintaining a car. A car needs good clean fuel to run, regular oil changes and maintenance work.

Your body is much more complex and needs attention regularly. It requires good nutrition, plenty of exercise and 7-8 hours of sleep a night to function well.

For many people, regular chiropractic care is part of that maintenance program that keeps them feeling tension free and addresses those minor aches and pains before they become bigger problems.

At in balance, our chiropractors pride themselves on providing the best in chiropractic treatment!

We are continually upgrading our assessment and treatment skills as well as staying up to date on the latest research. Not to mention our 20+ years of clinical experience! To properly assess and treat your condition, we provide longer than standard assessment and treatment times to ensure we reach your goals.

Therefore, since every patient will have a unique treatment plan, we charge by the length of time we spend with the patient. We may utilize multiple treatment strategies during your visit to address your areas of concern.

Adult/Student Pricing (6+)

Initial Visit – Your Starting Point

Both options include a full, detailed chiropractic assessment and report of findings.

1) Comprehensive Assessment


Please schedule a 60-minute assessment if you have more than one area of concern or if you would like to add a treatment on the first visit.

2) Basic Assessment Only


Please schedule a 45-minute assessment if you only have one area of concern or if you would like an assessment only.

Subsequent Visits – After you have had an initial visit

1) Adjustment Only

$ 55     (5-10 minutes)

Express adjustments to get you moving better and on your way.

2) Premium Chiropractic Treatment

$125     (30 minutes)
$  65     (15 minutes)

Our award-winning treatment option!

May include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy (ART, fascial abrasion, cupping, flossing), acupuncture, modalities (laser, ultrasound, TENS), exercise rehabilitation or lifestyle counseling and re-assessments.

Children’s Pricing (under 6)

Initial Visit – Child

Includes a full, detailed chiropractic assessment, report of findings and treatment (time permitting).

$120     (30 minutes)

Chiropractic Treatment – Child

May include chiropractic and soft tissue therapy.

$  45     (5-10 minutes)

Animal Chiropractic

Initial Visit – Small Animal

Includes a full, detailed chiropractic assessment, report of findings and treatment (time permitting).
$100     (30 minutes)

Subsequent Visit – Small Animal

May include chiropractic and soft tissue therapy.
$  55     (Canine)
$  45     (Feline)

Custom Made Orthotics

Includes biomechanical exam and gait analysis to provide to your insurance company.

$475     (Foam Cast)
$500     (Laser Gait Scan)